Freedom Odyssey

by WonderOnce

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released May 30, 2016

All music, lyrics and orchestral arrangements written by Andrea Montalbetti.
Additional arrangements by WonderOnce.

Produced by Andrea Montalbetti.
Mixed by Vic Ortega & Andrea Montalbetti.
Mastered by Vic Ortega.

Drums, bass and electric guitars recorded in Andrea Montalbetti's personal studio.
Violin, acoustic guitars, vocals and percussion recorded in Vinilo'75 Studios.
Choirs recorded in Amadeus Musical Academy.

Vocals performed by Liss Eventide, Drakon Nahr and Andrea Montalbetti.
Electric Guitars performed by Gabriel Contreras.
Acoustic Guitars performed by Miguel Ángel González except for "Dawn", performed by Pablo Purohit.
Violin performed by Guillermo Bustamante.
Bass Performed by Nel Löse.
Drums perfomed by Andrea Montalbetti.
Guest vocals on "Dragon Valley I - The Journey" by Nerea Cebrián.
Guest vocals on "Morrigu" by Elmas Lamya.
Orchestra, choir, keyboards and additional instruments recorded,
programmed and produced by Andrea Montalbetti.
Choirs performed by Liss Eventide, Alejandro Díaz, Amparo Zafra, Carmina Sánchez, Christian Roca Romero, Elmas Lamya, Estíbaliz Ruiz, Giorgio Celenza, Josema Bustamante, María Konsenkova, Myriam Arnouk, Mónica Cebrián, Noelia Castillo Perez, Vicent Romero, Rosa García Domínguez and Sebastià Peris i Marco.

Ambience and sound effects by Benobocan, Cobratronik, Dobroide, Justkiddink, Kyster, Laurent, Metzik, Noisenoir, Qubodup, Unchaz and Vedas. Courtesy of

Album artwork by Pablo Mendoza Peces.
Logo designed by Liss Eventide.

Special thanks to Concepción Romero, Rafael Cabañero, Isabel Gómez, Lupe Moreno Lozano, Alvaro Ferrandis, Jennifer Grant,
Beatriz Calatayud, Amadeus Musical Academy, Pino López, Fernando Martínez, Lucia García de León, Cassandra Lee Bermúdez, Sergio Caravan and Patricio Fitzner.



all rights reserved


WonderOnce Spain

WonderOnce is a metal band created by the composer, vocalist and drummer Andrea Montalbetti in late 2014. The sound of WonderOnce lies in creating an epic movie score mixed with metal as well as other elements from other genres. Each song has its own lyrical theme varying from legends across various cultures, songs about fantasy elements or downright original stories. ... more

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Track Name: Freedom Odyssey
Everyone who once knew me said, I was mad. Then my family the same.
Shortly after my town figured out the truth…they said I was mad too.
“It is impossible! It is outrageous”, they said.
They could not believe what I had to say nor what I found.
Last summer I began a journey to the valleys of the west, unexplored, condemned.
Nobody ventured into those lands, so I ran as fast as I could.
The truth about those valleys was far different from the one they tell.
However, let me start my story from the beginning, from when everyone,
saw me as a simple boy. A slave, nonetheless, but respected.
Track Name: Dragon Valley I - The Journey
He was just a boy (just one more slave who ran away)
And he went and left his family (Just looking for a better place)
His adventure then began (a thousand miles into the sun)
If he only knew his destiny (that he would own the clemency)
He said to her,
"I will come back, I will find a place for us to live and to be free"
Past the forest of the west
(and the great falls throughout the quest)
He goes right onto his destiny, he found the dragon valley
Then he became the one
He was the one to pierce through the sky with dragons
Searching so long he found a place to call home
You know the legends are true, now watching the sun go down
They see him as one, the kid that flew with the gods
Yet he knew something was wrong
The years started to go, for now he has a home
The friend of the dragons, and he forgot his word
There back home your sister waits for you
You dreamt to take her with you, and show the wonders of this land
Yet she's still not free, you have to go back
You gotta go home back to her, keep your word
Years have gone and she's still there
The kin you have left
You know you gotta go home
Track Name: Morrigu
Badb, macha and the true morrigan
Lay down your eye for the war has begun
Victors to be, proud men you will see
We are the ones to die as your sons
First rays of the sun come out from the mountains
Clench your first for the war
Outsiders from south in steel and lead
Sign of the eagle above their head
With us we win, in us you can trust
So we can turn their life to dust
In the celtic lands death is our ally
We kill for her and die for her
In the celtic lands death is our ally
Pray to the divine to give us a sign
Morrigan (spread out your wings)
Fly with us (into the sky) to the sun
(Fly with your men) to then kill and kill and kill again
You will not take our lands, we will not be yours
You better know we will fight you till you’re gone
Fly across the tainted lands
Show the beauty they will never see
Give the strength they will never have
Oh Morrigu, we pray to you Morrigu
(Fly with your men) to then
Kill and kill and kill till the sunset
Track Name: Dragon Valley II - Frozen Fire
I came back to my home looking for what was lost
Remember me? Your brother, used to be
The brother I forgot, only kin I have got, came back for me to take me far away
Away from your netherworld, away to another world
But while running away we were seen, we were caught
Brought to justice to feed on their malice
“Evil boy, evil girl, you will die by a hurl!”, They did not believe the dragons will come
I’m telling you, they'll come for us to unleash the frozen Fire!
They fly high through the sky, a dance of death with dragons
They will come to free my brother and burn down the rest, as if they never were
You have got to let us go before they burn all of us
Now covering the sky, brutal and so furious
They bring oblivion, burning all until it’s gone
They came to free the ones recognised as sons
Release their family, humans. Don’t hide from them humans
You have said you will not release us, then prepare for your end!
Dragons, save us! Burn them all!
Track Name: Aftermath of The Frozen Flame
Everything is burning, everything is ash.
My sister and I were safe, but at what cost? What did they make me do?
Most of the slaves managed to escape,
The rest of the town perished in dragon flame...except for one.
Our old master came to us and pleaded for his life.
As he said he'd reward us with a secret. In the end he told us his darkest secret,
After which i threw him myself into the flames, and I was frozen.
Our parents...are alive. They fled when we were young to the summit of a mountain.
We must go, now, we must find them! Right now, we must go to Mt. Freedom.
Track Name: The Hero
The hero returns
The wind caress his skin on his way home
His life has gone awry
His glory has now become a lie
Long ago a hero was born
A beast shall not ever have him torn
His legend shall live through the ages
Thought of as the courageous
He could not wait to see his family
But he was gone too long, no one sang to his name
His life has gone awry
His loved ones forgot he was alive
Long ago a hero was born
A beast shall not ever have him torn
His legend shall live through the ages
Thought of as the courageous
“Hero, return to your homeland”, his heart told him
But he has no home
At last the hero is home
And now he will never be alone
His loved ones embrace him at last
His journeys are now of the past
Track Name: Dawn
Track Name: Final Aurora
One more aurora riding the starlight
For us, just for one more night
I do not know the silence
I only know the whisper
Feel as the earth is moving
Meaning the end of one more day
The whisper, the call of the morning sun
So missed and now home
It will unfreeze the mountains
And shine the land will all his colours
He's back and the flowers bloom
I do not know the silence
I only know the whisper
Feel as the earth is moving
Meaning the end of one more day
I do not know the silence
I only know the whisper
Feel as the land is reborn
Meaning the end of this winter
One more time to be
One more time we succeed...till next time
Track Name: Wolfmoon
I miss the moonlight
For my wolf will never let me see
Hunts me down when the sun rests (when the sun is down)
Looking for my purpose
We, the wolves of cosmic sea
Seek the moon and seek the sun
Horizon, bring on forth the Ragnarock
Horizon, bring on forth the Ragnarock
We’ll be together once again my one
Just don’t forget me
There used to be a time
When as one we flew across the sea (sea of stars)
Till the day of the sunset (till the beast was free)
Seeking for the repast
We, the wolves of cosmic sea
Seek the moon and seek the sun
Horizon, bring on forth the Ragnarock
Horizon, bring on forth the Ragnarock
We’ll be together once again my one
Just don’t forget me
Meet me at the eclipse, that is where I’m going to be
Flee the truth you see, flee the wolves in me
A god has told us we were meant to be no more
But at the eclipse, that is where we are going to be
We are together once again my one
In an eclipse
Track Name: Baba Yaga
Deep in the woods, if you get lost,you feel her presence
Children beware, she flies through the air
If she finds you she will eat you
Baba Yaga, dirty hag
Baba Yaga, dressed in rags
Baba Yaga, in her hut
Baba Yaga, eats your guts
The trees are groaning as the wind begins to blow the leaves
Far wailing speaks her coming
Mortar carries her flesh, takes you and flies away
Deeper into the woods to her home
Welcome children, to my lovely hut...Behave, or else!
Now inside the witch’s hut you will now obey
You know the price to fail; agony
Fence of bones keep you in, spinning hut with chicken legs
You can’t run as you will be food
Now you try to run home, very brave, very dumb
If she gets you she will eat you with her iron teeth
Run children, run faster!
Fool, you fool! You woke the witch! She comes for you!
Now run away into the woods…
Run and never stop
Feel as she grows near, fear whispers in your ear
Run and run throughout the trees , find your road before she sees
In her hut she looks for you, stomping, breaking all you knew
She sees you, she takes you
Track Name: Slay The Kraken
Today will be the day to rid the world of the myth
Sailing with a thousand ships to find trace of the beast, the kraken
Ahead, there he is! Steer your ships! Chase him down!
Ready men, he has risen! Grab your spears with ambition!
Attack the goliath!
“Attack!” my honour commands, as heroes ascend to glory
Slay the Kraken!!
The rains now will rest, It’s the end of our quest
His light won't shine again anymore
We are the warriors of the sea left to live to be free
The kraken is no more, let us sail ashore
Fallen down the depths of the sea, looks like he is gone for good
And it appears we won
Celebrate the victory, we killed the myth of the sea
All is silent in the rain, then the monster comes back again
Comes back looking for me from the abyss
Fury burns in his eyes, It is the end!
Gather all your forces, all that is left
We must take one last stand to kill the beast
The rains now won’t rest, It’s the end of our quest
Our light won't shine again anymore
We are so hopeless at this fight, left to die in the night
The kraken shall live on and we will be gone
Kraken slays us! (Kraken slays you)
Track Name: Dragon Valley III - Mt. Freedom
From so far see the past of what used to be home
Nothing left, every man, every child...burnt to ash
Feel the heat on the way to Mt. Freedom
They are alive again, they were gone when we were so young
We will take them home, the dragon valley
Through the storm we go on, the top of the mountain awaits
Before death they told us, at the top lies the truth
We shall find soon our parents once again
It's high enough to see our beautiful free earth
The journey ends, as a family we shall go on to live
Now free, in the dragon valley
Surrounded by fog, we thought there was no way out…
but then the wind came, and the sky turned blue.
And then we could see it, it was so close. So close, to the summit.
A dawn has come, there's not much left to reach the top
And embrace whom we thought were dead
Close to the summit, eagles will guide us, the wind will sing to us songs of closure
Close to the summit, eagles will guide us, the wind will sing to us one last time
Now at the summit, we are not alone
From this place, the summit of mount freedom, was where I told my story
I went out looking from freedom and adventures,
but all I wanted was to have a family once again
Goodbye to the world, hello to another world
Beautiful as we remember them, they were not here, but they were waiting
For us to go on home
Goodbye to the world, hello to a new world.